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Area-51-Emails has been established by Carroll Weider on 03-23-2007.
The name Area-51-Emails has been chosen without any reason, it just popped into Carroll's head.
Since the site has been started, the site growed and growed, some members stayed and some left and every honest member have been paid since then.
Total amount of payouts made: $396.93.

On 11/28/2009 Caroll had to sell the site due to family circumstances and sold Area-51-Emails to me (Summerday).
Oncemore I like to thank Carroll for running Area-51-Emails so well and smoothly. You have been doing a wonderful job.
I will try to continue this in the same way you did (with my own twist) and I hope I don't disappoint you........
Please ring the bell if you notice something.

I am very honoured getting the opportunity to run Area-51-Emails and as a special "Thank You" to Carroll I have created this page as a site info to the members.


Your Webmistress Foxy Lady



  • Members: 90
  • Active: 20
  • Payouts $23.58
  • Banner Ads 32
  • PTC Ads 16
  • Mails in queue 0
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