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Below is a list of account names terminated for violations of our Terms of Service. Each account includes the time they were removed and the reason for their termiation. (All times are GMT)

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stormy2010-10-27 18:11:50suspended - 30 days or more inactive
sahil2010-10-22 18:45:25canceled - India not allowed
pol2010-10-22 18:44:38canceled - selected all keywords
a155825162010-10-22 06:26:13canceled - China not allowed
nosrev2010-10-17 07:27:08canceled - Brazil not allowed
suspended2010-10-10 21:13:3130 days or more inactive:
btnrcook, guymoilet252
cshaibo2010-10-10 21:10:40canceled - says from Australia - IP is from China
purged2010-10-10 08:18:57more than 60 days inactive, signups only or not allowed members:
chdsk, andy1991220, strenght55, kurst1, jasper03, kenare, allanlan00, satana, marcel2020, clickingfrog, titomigue, leepam12, dylanh, char, jules47, joyfully, meluvthis, vigast
zhchr20092010-10-10 08:02:45canceled - China not allowed
george777772010-10-10 07:55:44canceled - Romania not allowed
kenare2010-09-30 21:04:54suspended - 30 days or more inactive
satana2010-09-30 20:59:18suspended - 30 days or more inactive
allanlan002010-09-30 20:52:15suspended - 30 days or more inactive
pe4layo2010-09-29 16:34:09suspended - are you male or female?? Please contact admin
strenght552010-09-27 04:54:32canceled - tried again, cheater and IP has been blocked
andy19912202010-09-20 18:27:58canceled - says from United States - IP is from Hongkong
marcel20202010-09-19 07:37:11suspended - more than 30 days inactive
clickingfrog2010-09-19 07:36:31suspended - more than 30 days inactive
kurst12010-09-15 03:37:26suspended - didn't select required keyword, need to contact admin
jasper032010-09-15 03:35:04canceled - same user as titomigue
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