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Below is a list of account names terminated for violations of our Terms of Service. Each account includes the time they were removed and the reason for their termiation. (All times are GMT)

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alwu12152010-12-05 09:41:47canceled - China? or Croatia? - anyway both not allowed
vimal20102010-12-02 20:41:58canceled - India not allowed
sandmoly2010-11-29 19:07:06canceled - India not allowed
supengen2010-11-21 20:37:06canceled - Taiwan not allowed
homemaker29392010-11-20 09:49:42suspended - when is your Birthday & which PTR site do you own - need to contact admin
mdanggui2010-11-18 13:56:54canceled - China not allowed
betty2010-11-18 13:55:08suspended - says from United Kingdom, IP is from United States - need to contact admin
9069826162010-11-14 17:04:28canceled - Jiangsu is still in China and not in Canada
chon25222010-11-14 09:25:02canceled - Thailand not allowed and selected all keywords
laxmanrao2010-11-13 19:40:37canceled - India not allowed
marealix2010-11-10 05:49:40canceled - Lithuania not allowed
purged2010-11-09 06:15:1160 days or more inactive and/or cheaters:
pox1000, gabigheorghiu, brivy, ashique19, 906982616, stormy, redssaphire, easye1188, btnrcook, guymollet252
ladyblackrose2010-11-07 07:35:17canceled - owner of Cherokee Treasure sites and non paying
michela7802010-11-05 05:58:16suspended - error in address details, need to contact admin
dillilamae2010-11-04 06:45:57suspended - 30 days or more inactive
ashique192010-11-03 07:04:18canceled - Bangladesh not allowed
brivy2010-11-01 05:58:32canceled - Philippines not allowed
gabigheorghiu2010-10-29 22:24:29canceled - Romania not allowed
pox10002010-10-29 10:36:38canceled - Taiwan not allowed
9069826162010-10-28 18:13:02canceled - China not allowed
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